About James

Having been a painter and decorator for over a decade, I started my own business in 2009. I had previously worked alongside my Dad in the family decorating business, where I learnt the trade and gained valuable experience of decorating techniques across a variety of property types.

Most of my work is residential, and I have worked on many properties that range in both size and age. From Victorian terraced houses, to 17th century farmhouses. From Q type houses to modern Penthouse apartments. By working on such a variety of residences, I can say for certain that no two jobs are the same. Every job, even houses in the same street, have different requirements and this where my experience is vital.

As I say, most of my work is residential, however I have carried out work on commercial properties also. These include offices, shop fronts, and even hospital wards.

When working at any property, I am always courteous and considerate to the wishes of the customer. I try to maintain a clean working environment that causes as little disruption to the customer as possible. In so doing, I forge good relationships with customers that last over many years. Please see my Testimonials page.

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